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Our branding and design agency connects customers and partners to…

Michelle Gregor logo

We crafted a brand and website that celebrates the beauty, strength and power of Michelle’s artworks and her teaching.

VDG is weaving a new brand for iT2 as it extends human potential through wearable communications solutions.​

Maggie's Pearl logo

The FDA has approved Maggie’s Pearl for a Phase III trial
for exciting new rare disease treatment.

VDG created a brand and website that invites patients and partners to participate in learning and treatments that will impact the quality of life for one set of patients and ultimately for a larger group of related disorders.

Ilene Adler communications coach - Be Authentic

Ilene Adler teaches folks how to communicate professionally and personally.

We designed a brand and website that does the same for Ilene.

Clear Ventures logo 780x188px

Clear Ventures’ energy, commitment, and experience as founders and investors gives their portfolio companies a clear advantage in the race to market. We’re thrilled to tell the Clear story.

Utilities are working hard to develop clean power sources and manage consumption. CTC Global ACCC® Conductor can double electricity transmission to leverage our resources better.

VDG has helped build the brand and communicate the value of this world-changing company.

Pacon logo

Are precision, quality and innovation essential?

VDG created a website that communicates PACON’s commitment to the highest quality of mission-critical components for leading semiconductor, automation, space, defense and life science companies.

Perlara invites families and scientists to join an exciting ascent to the future of medicine. VDG is proud to provide creative services that support Perlara’s message and brand.




VDG created Dr. Alan Greene’s award winning campaign to save children from obesity by ending white rice cereal as baby’s first solid food.

Lynne Meade Ceramics logo

Lynne Meade’s ceramics are poetry in porcelain. VDG’s branding, marketing and web design services reveal how her art can grace residential and commercial spaces.

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